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New Jersey Divorce Lawyers

The Springfield, New Jersey based Law Office of James P. Yudes, P.C. practices exclusively in the area of Family Law, which gives our firm the ability to focus and excel in each of the complicated areas that concern you.

New Jersey divorce lawyer James P. Yudes writes the book on family law. Literally. The Yudes Family Law Citator summarizes important family law cases dating back to 1947. It is updated by our firm and published on an annual basis by the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education and is the subject of an annual, award winning lecture series which affords all family law practitioners in New Jersey the opportunity to learn of the most recent family court cases and how they affect the practice of family law in New Jersey.

Mr. Yudes has earned the respect of not only his peers and clients, but of the Judiciary as well, so much so that in 1999, he was asked to be the Family Law Coordinator at the New Jersey Orientation for newly appointed Judges.

James P. Yudes has helped to shape the family law landscape of New Jersey in such matters as how businesses should be valued in divorce cases; the method for computing income for unemployed, high net-worth individuals as it relates to alimony; the right to a jury trial in marital tort cases, together with many other family issues.

Our firm enjoys the quality and commitment of New Jersey divorce lawyers and staff to provide you, our client, with the very best family legal services we can provide.

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