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New Jersey Divorce Attorney

We Can Protect Your Interests

When going through this difficult life event, you need someone by your side whose sole interest is to help and support you. Our lawyers provide legal services throughout New Jersey. We can help you navigate divorce proceedings and do what’s necessary to protect your interests.

Whether emotions are running high or you and your spouse are determined to end things amicably, it is usually best to resolve these matters quickly so that you can move forward. If you hire our firm, we will work to put an end to your divorce as quickly as possible without sacrificing anything you are entitled to.

When you’re ready to start taking the reigns on your divorce, call us at 973-467-3700.

How to File for Divorce in New Jersey

An action for divorce is commenced with the filing of a Complaint with the local county court clerk. Among the things the Complaint should include are:

  • Your name and address, and the time and location of the event that prompted the divorce, if applicable
  • Name and address your spouse
  • Proof you have been a resident of New Jersey for more than a year
  • Location and date of marriage
  • Alleged cause(s) of action for divorce
  • If your spouse committed adultery, include the name of the third party. If you do not know the name, include relevant details known to you regarding the event.
  • Identification, place of residence, and date of birth of children born during marriage or relationship between the parties
  • Statement of previous legal proceedings between parties
  • A statement detailing the relief you are seeking through divorce

You may assert more than one grounds for divorce in a complaint. The Complaint should also include any other claims which you may have against the defendant and/or ancillary third parties, such as claims for domestic tort, fraud, third party debt, etc.

Complimentary Dispute Resolution Alternatives (CDR)

Only a court can grant a divorce. A court can also decide issues of custody and parenting time, alimony and child support, the distribution of property, and other relevant issues. However, a court need not decide those issues as the parties themselves have the power to resolve them - and this is often considered the preferred option.

In recent years, there has been a growing acceptance of dispute resolution methods, whether as an alternative to conventional litigation or as an additional component of divorce proceedings. These alternate and/or complimentary dispute resolution methods include mediation and arbitration.

  • Mediation is used to resolve differences between parties by use of an impartial third party who has been trained and certified as a mediator. It is critical that you work with a mediator who has been approved and recognized by the court. The court still makes the final determination concerning whether or not to grant the divorce.
  • Arbitration is where impartial third parties decide issues relevant to a case. Parties choose the arbitrator and which issues the arbitrator will decide. You and your partner will both need to agree whether to adhere to the arbitrator’s decisions before seeking their services. Arbitrators decide issues within divorce cases, but the court is still the final decision maker regarding granting of a divorce.

At The Law Offices of James P. Yudes, P.C., our Union County divorce attorneys can help you with mediation, arbitration, and other divorce resolution services. Call 973-467-3700 today.