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Family Law Practice Areas

Family Lawyers

One of the most difficult life decisions is coming to the realization that one's marriage is over. For most people, the prospect of going through a divorce is unnerving, scary and daunting. A multitude of questions go through one's mind while grappling with the anxiety, emotions, and stress which are a natural byproduct of the breakup of a marriage:

  • How will this affect the children?
  • Where will they be living and with whom?
  • How will the children be supported?
  • Am I entitled to some level of support from my spouse, or will I be obligated to support my spouse. If so, how much and for how long?
  • What are my rights with regard to property which we acquired during the marriage?
  • What property is eligible to be divided, what is my share, and how is this accomplished?
  • Do I have a claim for damages if I was the victim of physical or emotional abuse during the marriage?
  • What are the reasons or grounds upon which I may seek a divorce from my spouse?
  • Is there any period of time that I must wait in order to get a divorce?
  • Are there alternatives to resolving our marital issues other than going to court and having them be decided by the judge?
  • What is involved with the divorce process and how long can it take?

The answers to these questions and others vary from case to case and from person to person. Our New Jersey family law attorneys can guide you through the court system and towards a positive, practical resolution.

In the following pages, you will find snapshots of some of the issues most commonly faced by divorcing couples. Each of these areas and more are addressed in greater detail in the Yudes Consumer Guide to a New Jersey Divorce which is provided to each individual who comes in to the office for a consultation.